Mass Advantage Quality Program

Learn about Mass Advantage’s commitment to quality for our members and providers.


Our Commitment to Quality

Mass Advantage is dedicated to providing exceptional health care, service, and value through promoting the accessibility and quality of our provider network and services. Mass Advantage strives to remove obstacles and avoid arcane rules to drive the best clinical and quality outcomes for our members and community. This commitment aligns with our mission, vision, and values.  

Accessible and Affordable: Our mission is to create access for everyone in our community who needs it and to make sure it’s affordable.

Better options for our patients: Our unique relationship with UMass Memorial Health was born out of our mission to offer better options for our patients. 

Clinical outcomes: We want to remove obstacles and avoid arcane rules from insurance companies to drive best clinical and quality outcomes. We want to spend time caring for our patients, not fighting with insurance companies.

Designed for and by doctors: By partnering and forming this new plan, we had decision making and input on the interactions between our clinical enterprise (the doctors, nurses, our hospitals) and Mass Advantage.

Easy: There are too many complexities with insurance. We want to make an insurance product that is as simple as possible to access care from UMass Memorial Health.

We have partnered with UMass Memorial Health to allow us to offer better value, better care, and easier access as the anchor provider organization in our network. This also allows us to deliver exceptional value to our members through innovation and by creating access to the life-saving, world-class resources of UMass Memorial Health. 

To enable our members to have the right resources to improve their health, Mass Advantage offers additional services; including but not limited to, Health Care Navigators, Hospital at Home, and Referral Simplification.