Understanding Medicare

Medicare and Social Security can be complicated topics as you start thinking about retirement. Mass Advantage 65 is a free educational program created by Mass Advantage to help people who want to better understand Medicare and Social Security and feel more confident when they’re ready to make retirement decisions.

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Mass Advantage 65 Program Attendees Will Learn:

  • Part A, B, C and D 

  • Who qualifies? 

  • Enrollment periods 

  • Part B and Part D penalties 

  • What benefits are covered and not covered?

  • Medicare Advantage plans (HMOs, PPO, SNPs and more) 

  • Employer group coverage 

  • Medicare Supplement Plans 

  • Who qualifies? 

  • Social Security credits 

  • Full retirement age (FRA) 

  • How to apply 

  • And more 

Mass Advantage 65 educational meetings are conveniently located and are also available virtually. Please feel free to bring interested family members or friends who may appreciate this opportunity to hear about Medicare in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly format. 

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